Monday, April 27, 2015

My Message to an Obesity Researcher

People Living With Obesity Need a Voice

"Nothing will change until they stop calling fat people liars, and the profit motive behind the failed answers is not held as the highest priority. I spent 17 years trying to find out why I was so overweight and this means years of suffering and almost dying of leg infections before finding out I had Lipedema Stage IV which is a rare fat disorder. The doctors even had discovered the endless "fatty tumors" throughout my body as early as 2000. My blog was started even to find out what was wrong with me 5 years ago and I achieved that goal. The diets are failing, many of us eat normal amounts of calories--I track all my food and follow a nutritionist and we are still fat and judged by society. They think everyone's body works the same. Nothing will change for the better until the stigma is removed and fat people are BELIEVED." 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Reminder

I got this one off one of my Lipedema health support boards. It is an essential reminder.

Gift of Empathy

A Sane Person

A Not To Do List for Chronic Illness

My list for this week:

1. Go Mellow out!

2. "It is not your fault, you have tried your best!"

3.  Distract myself. One hobby I have that actually is kind of a weird one lately, is taking online psychological surveys. I hope my big fat Aspie self is not skewing tests. LOL I got to share my opinions about feminism on one and write about the emotions of music on another.

4. "Do what you can and let the chips fall where they may." A philosophy I had to embrace some years ago to avoid the psych ward.

5. Rest when you want. Sleep as much as you feel like sleeping. If you feel depressed go find something fun to do like read a comic.

I am giving myself pep talks today to avoid despair nipping at my heels:

1. You can make it through. They will get your sugars down.  {I've had my diet regulated for many months-I have to even to keep from gaining weight and the small loss}

2. Stop worrying about cancer, it could just be a cyst!

3. No more guilt for being sick! 

4. Remember all the people who love you like your husband and friends!

Fast Food, Fat Profits and Obesity

 They should ask how so many thin people can eat that stuff and stay thin? I really wish I could sneak a camera into a grocery store and take pictures of what I see people buying.

If I ate McDonalds for every meal like that one guy, I'd be dead. I haven't eaten fast food in years. I believe it is something more insidious then everyone just starting to supposedly "pig out". People I know who even avoid fast food are staying fat. Many fat people I know do not touch any sugar-filled drinks. In my experience everyone over 300lbs is afraid of drinking a regular Coke. However I am sure this stuff is not doing anyone's health any favors.

With the schools, they buy processed food and the guy who says "It's all about the money". The profit motive in my opinion is ruining the health and the food.  One lady states: "The Economic Factors of our food structure are working completely against our public health". Hey when profit comes above everything else, they aren't putting health first.

Be Yourself!

Some of them will try but don't listen to them!