Monday, May 30, 2016

The Art of Marbelizing paper

Years and years ago during my art teacher days, I did a series on marbleizing paper. I made a boat load of it. I wish I had saved more, I only have a piece or two left in a scrap book. For years it was good stationary even. In both videos they have fancier tools then I had. I used a plastic comb!

We do need Lipedema Rehab Centers

Act On Obesity?

This isn't a bad video explaining some of the problems with obesity, but I think Ethicon may be related to weight loss surgery and bariatric surgeons and seems to be a surgical supply company of some sort. That's kind of sad. Well the weight loss surgeries aren't changing the set points either given the number of people that regain the weight back some years in.

Very True

"You can't "speak your mind" to people who will never hear you."

Friday, May 27, 2016

Too Fat to Toddle

These kids are getting fat and they aren't driving themselves to fast food restaurants or doing the cooking. The really fat kids with ultra-thin parents are mind-blowing. I of course believe this is something that fat camps will not fix and that something else in the environment is influencing this. I think about myself as a kid, riding my bike for hours, 2 hour paper route on a bike daily, carrying heavy newspapers even on weekend mornings and the afternoon during the week, gym class, playing four square, hiking the woods for fun, restricted food to the max with my mother measuring out every portion and STILL FAT, no matter what I did. Some may say "Oh you're the special hormonal Lipedema case" but I see kids like this all the time, fatter then ever, but they aren't lazy, they aren't eating tons of food, they are wanting to run and play with other kids. So is it their fault?

They are all "little piggies" that need the punishment and edicts of the diet drill masters?  They better wake up about obesity and soon, it's not the CICO that will unravel the puzzle. People are getting fatter and you see even worse obesity now in younger people, where I was thin compared to what they are now as a child.

This Cartoon Disturbed Me

I used to watch the Powder Puff girls in the 1990s. I thought they were cute characters though they include some messages in the show I don't think are too good for young people and why did they have to show little girls "twerking". There's some disturbing symbols in this cartoon. Well even the old "devil" character used to creep me out.

  Painbow is a bear that brings a rainbow and brainwashing to Townsville in the new 2016 reboot of the Powder Puff Girls. Everyone gets giddy, happy, "positive" and wants to party.  School lets out, cars crash and society disintegrates. The Powder Puff Girls are mostly immune at first. As everyone's eyeballs fill with rainbows, Painbow the bear comes to brainwash everyone into a rainbow/ almost drug-filled party. The Powder Puff Girls know they have to save the town, but Bubbles and Blossom get brainwashed too pretty fast.

 I felt like I watched a mind control LSD drug trip from hell, even though the surface was "cute". It was Lisa Frank art dialed up 20 times for weirdness and creepiness.  I had weird thoughts seeing this cartoon, with the people going around like "happy zombies",  there's the flying monkeys and the people telling me to pray for malignant narcissists and "be nice to them", and the "be positive" brigade at it with "rainbows" in their eyes. Only Buttercup stands there seeing reality and saves the day punching out Painbow the bear.  The whole acid fueled mess of it all seems creepy. Kids cartoons are getting weirder and weirder, and Powder Puff Girls is nothing compared to the even creepier Uncle Grandpa.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to Spot a Hidden Narcissist

I'm working on some new social connections and have focused on the disability community as of late to do so and other avenues.  I've lowered the pressure on myself to "make friends" which is not always easy for Aspies and just enjoying activities for their own sake but have met some new friendly people. A lot of my time is spent with husband so in that I am not "lonely" but feel some new connections would add to both our lives.

In my old town, I was fortunate there, I encountered only a few narcissists but was not close to them so I was not hurt. Most of my friends there were older people, people from an anti-war group I was in, and co-op bookstore and church folks.  Being burned by some narcissists one wants to avoid them. One big important red flag mentioned on my blog before, is the question..."Do they ever show vulnerability?"  The narrator is right that they rely on feeling special instead of depending on people.

This video mentions that and I think it is good way to ferret out narcissists. Narcissists never want admit mistakes, or any sad or vulnerable feelings. Now some people may be shy and take time to open up to these things but one thing to be noticed about narcissists is how they always desire the "power" position. This ties into a second red flag to be warned of, we need to avoid people who do nothing but criticize, criticism of others to me is a sign of a narcissist that in putting others down, it is to build themselves up.

The warning about being put on pedestals is a good thing too. Some of us would refer to this as the love-bombing stage. This happened to me with the catfisher and spy. I should have listened to my intuition that told me she was saying overly loving things when she did not know me very well yet. We don't want to be put on a pedestal because usually later they will knock you off hard, and tell you that you are the worse person on the planet.

Mirroring is another red flag to watch out for.

"if someone is going to feel special by putting you down, ...that's going to erode your self esteem".