Friday, February 12, 2016

Glass Art

There's a glassblowing art center near where I live, and I've taken a good friend there from out of town to look at the glass art. It's great stuff. This man's glass art is wonderful too.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

When 5 year olds are fat, SOMETHING MORE is going on!

Most 5 year olds can't get in the car and go through the drive through by themselves. They aren't cooking hamburgers in the kitchen. The fattening up of the world is an environmental problem beyond every one person in the world who is fat, getting "lazy" and deciding to overeat. Ever see a 5 year old? Most just want to play. They eat when hungry. So something more is going on. Sir Peter Gluckman needs to realize that he is right about not blaming the two year olds but needs to reexamine the causes of adult obesity. My opinion of the United Nations is not very high, I don't see them taking on Monsanto or the effect of GMOs. Something is severely wrong when 70% of ALL children are headed for obesity.

The Mothers They Had

This seems almost idolatrous to me, like mother is supposed to be your "god". It has a kind of stalky flavor to it. " Mother will be below your window sill waiting and watching", "Mother will leave notes on your car while you are at work.". This one seems extraordinarily popular on Facebook. Several friends have posted it, it always makes me feel nauseous.  It does tell us the sort of mother's these other people had, they did love them and comforted, and nurtured them. This is the world none of us got to enter and well it helps me understand why they do not "get" or "understand" our experiences. I told my husband something weird the other day, I said, "Before I met you, no one ever hugged me and comforted me ever."

It's better they didn't go through what we did, but this tells us how "different" things were for them.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Gladiator Fest

No watching the "gladiator fest" for me. Football is as boring as watching paint dry.

Chronic Illness Cat to the Rescue

This one is a good one to post to all the "disabled" people haters I have encountered. Cruz voters and narcissist jerks like one cousin who told me I got to lay around in an apartment by the lake and that all disabled people were bums. She had a bug up her butt about me living near water. Okay you live in an ugly part of New Jersey but you could have moved. Get over yourself!

I got the flu, where I almost ended up in the hospital just pushing myself to do some dishes the other day. Unmentionable bathroom horrors, fever, pain and fatigue crushed me for three days, my husband begged me to go to the ER but I held out thinking of my medical bills not wanting to add to the tab and had him call the doctor on call at my house call doctors instead. I am still tired and hope all these posts I'm putting up make sense today but while I am typing much slower, its a distraction while I lay here. It's time to tell my doctor, say look this fatigue and lower immune system stuff is getting out of control.

I've been sick for 20 plus years if not my whole life. I'd like to tell some of these people, "You come live in this body and see how you do." There are days lately where even getting out of bed just feels so hard.  Which takes me to this chronic illness cat meme:

Chronic Illness Cat

Run Away With Me!

I make a joke to my husband, "Let's run away". He is a less impulsive personality then me in some ways. Maybe we just need a short road trip. Sometimes I want to run away from being ME, some of you surely understand what I am thinking.

Fluoride Stares?