Monday, June 27, 2016

The Baby Boomers Won't Let Go

The Baby Boomers won't let go of power, and will torture us into their 80s and 90s. I guess while Gen X heats up the can of dog food over the trashcan fire, we can be dressed stylishly.

Generation X: The Scapegoat Generation is Dying Young

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sex Work and Size Acceptance

One thing that is hard about the size acceptance world is if you don't adhere to politically correct extreme neo-liberal politics, you are told you don't belong. Yesterday, I got myself close to a banning on this group board for very super sized women on Facebook with ties to size acceptance for telling them what my opinions on sex work were. They asked first. I have some size acceptance contacts on Facebook but it's difficult. It's like that world wants to shove all it's people into a mold and the dominating brain dead neo-liberal politics have grown more grating to me.  The ideologues have grown worse. Those who do not conform are punished for it. Many of the neo-liberals are far more censoring of others then any book-burning Nazi could hope to be.

 I liked this place at first because these are other people who are over 400lbs, and super fat issues like clothes and health were discussed but why are they involved in such extreme liberal politics? One person agreed with me. Another woman wrote, "maybe they should try to get other skills beyond sex work", and they almost tried to rip her head off!  I have my populist side, I even kind of liked Bernie Sanders even though I didn't agree with everything he supported but these kind of people I can't get on board with.

For years I protested on this blog what I considered the raunchy disgusting side of size acceptance and exposed feeders and fat admirers

Good bye NAAFA!

Chubby Chasers Give Me the Willies

In this discussion some supersized women were discussing their various sex work which include online porn, cam work and phone sex work. One wanted to go back to phone sex work. This is one sad thing I encountered in size acceptance was the many fat women especially women in the greater sizes signing up to do this type of work. I was approached to do phone sex work by one friend I met in NAAFA, and said "No way!", and others came to me asking if I would be willing to do videos and other sex work and gave the same answer.  I would sooner die then sell my body or images of it and during some of the time when people approached me, these were some of my severely poor years. In fact one woman told me I was nuts to stay in such horrible poverty instead of giving in.

 My name became mud within this organization when they realized how conservative I was in this area of life, even prior to me becoming a Christian in 2002. They called me a PRUDE and never let me forget it. Keep in mind by the time I was attending NAAFA meetings, I was an engaged soon to be married woman. The catfisher woman who had ties to size acceptance actually told me one still remembered me and called me "that prude". I was pretty hated. I think I still am. Even this many years later. I was on the Dimensions message board as "Victoria" in the 1990s, I guess I am outing myself here, telling the lot of them they were ruining fat women's lives via their objectification of women and connections to pornography. Christian me wouldn't touch that place with a 10 foot pole today but back then having just had my massive 400lb weight gain, I was looking for other supersized people to talk to online. It looks like nothing has improved even 20 years later. Everything is still as degenerate.

So what I experienced on this board was kind of more of the same. I was referred to as a "shamer" for saying, I was philosophically and spiritually against the concept of sex work and that it was exploitation for super-fat women and economic oppression. After all why were these women running to "this work"? Because of fat discrimination, women who weigh over 400lbs, have such a difficult time in the job market, they see this as their only option. Desperation can drive people to many dark places, but why defend the system and feeling forced to do this work? Instead of fighting for more rights or "disabled" accommodation, they listen to the pied pipers who want to sell images of their super fat bodies to fetishists.

I mentioned sex trafficking to them. It's getting to be a worse problem in America. Even locally they have addressed this issue. Fat people can be sex trafficked too. "Specialty tastes" sell in some underbelly places on our planet. There are people being kidnapped. I know of a story of a superfat woman, being locked in some psychopaths walk-in closet who was abused and used. While the sex work being discussed is not open prostitution on this board, I told them, this is selling sex trafficking as a "choice". Many talked about how dealing with men who fantasized about immobile fat women was hard, and other demanded fetish aspects like feederism was twice as difficult.

They weren't happy with me when I mentioned that in the old days feminists protested the objectification of women and now they were supporting it. I hate modern day feminism, because now with all the sex positivity nonsense, they seem ready to have women sell their bodies to the highest bidders. Why are these women all so eager to be CONSUMED by men? Andrea Dworkin would be spinning in her grave. These women definitely seem to hold no issue in selling their own bodies as a commodity. After you do naked videos and pictures, what else are you doing?

One woman was careful to say "I am not condemning you" but I kept thinking "What are you doing to other fat women?" when you choose to do this work. We already move through a world that sees us as objects not to be respected. As mere bodies where because of our obesity our personhood and souls are obliterated by bigots. The term selling out is a very real one to me.  Being such a poor person myself, I understand economic desperation. Social Security checks aren't that big, and almost impossible to live on, but is this a healthy choice? To sell your soul and body to "making a living"? To allow men to exploit and use you? I saw the lowest vermin of men skulking around size acceptance venues. There are normal men of conscience who prefer bigger women, but these were sociopaths who saw women as mere objects. 

My comment "If anything, those who are healthy enough to work, should be demanding more access to better careers, and opportunities" flopped as well.

as well as stating:

 "I am philosophically and spiritually against sex work"

"Shouldn't women have more options in life rather then total exploitation. Super-fat women are in danger because of the job discrimination and more they face. It's human trafficking sold as a "Choice".

"Contact with wicked perverted men even just verbally and not physically is not healthy for anyone".

I was told that my discomfort was heard but it was not welcome there and that the women in our group who choose do sex work deserve respect and support and that if I could not give it, I needed to stay silent and walk away from the thread. The number of sex workers there was very high. This wasn't just one or two very fat over 400lb women but more then several. In fact they decided at the end of this discussion to open up a sex workers group for fat women.

I probably won't be commenting on that board anymore, it is not a good place for me. It is very sad and disappointing that the attitudes that I faced 20 years ago and protested still are so entrenched within the size acceptance world. Nothing has changed.  Marilyn Wann is a supporter of sex work. The super-fat women I met in size acceptance were busy selling themselves then, and many of the ones I have met online within size acceptance circles are all supporting this.

Frankly it has always sickened me that fat women are seen as a commodity within the size acceptance world. It is self-hatred within, that allows people to debase themselves in a society that almost seems to demand it of them. I was told to take my religion which actually remained unnamed in the context of the discussion but I suppose the word "Spiritually" gave them the tip off, and basically was told to shove it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

CICO believer Has Some Wisdom to Share

There's a lot of wisdom on this unfortunately titled video, but "Rhino" is right about Samoa, they went from near famine living for eons and then became the fattest population in the world. I differ with him in that I believe there are other influences on obesity. He definitely is more of a believer in CICO, I believe the evidence for other large environmental impacts on obesity are there.

The other day in thinking about the obesity epidemic, I brought up a point to a friend, what if some of the obesity epidemic had roots in all the food rationing of World War II, where people definitely had to restrict what they had to eat and how much? Rhino addresses the setting people up for failure, via the diet industry. He has a point about how the politicians always resort to prohibition and taxation and both avenues are doomed for failure.  He is right about how they need to teach SUSTAINABLE things that are possible not quick fixes and other nonsense. He's a CICO believer which I do not agree with but he has other wisdom here, I agree with. We need better food and more access to better food. I wish there was more help for fat people too in terms of exercise, and not just exercise that will hurt but will become something enjoyable adding to someone's life.

 I'm found out my community recently has a "medically fragile" gym for disabled and elderly people, via the local hospital. I'm not sure if I can afford it, it will take time to save for the first fee. I'm not sure if I can be approved as I do have many serious health problems including the COPD but I am looking into it and PLAN TO ASK. The Dial A Ride bus could get me there.   One has to get a doctor's approval.  Hopefully I would not be deemed as too far gone, but I think having some structure in a safe environment on non-housebound days could help rather then hurt.  Could it hurt for me to lift a few weights?  At home, physical therapy took me from the oxygen brink a few years ago. I reduced falls and was able to increase some stamina. It seems like a far better and SAFER option then the Y.  If physical therapy kept me alive longer what could that do?

If they really care about fat people, they need to help us do what we can do. The financial and other barriers need to be removed in terms of healthy food and exercise too. Those people getting so obese on the Islands, the cheap and processed food being spread among their population hurt them too.

The Happier Days

We can be happy and find new happiness.

I have had some happier days lately, and one thing in common is I am paying attention to doing what makes me happy. I always liked to do fun things so there was always that, but now I can wake up and look forward to a some days not under the judgement of narcissists. This meme is right in that you need to learn how to be happy.

I think breaking off from the final enablers and flying monkeys was a big deal to me. There seems to be a break through here. Their poison was seeping in indirectly.  This final complete break-off, has given me to freedom. Even talking to the most removed one would hurt me, it's just how the "whole system" would treat me. Being "out of the system" entirely has brought a new stage of freedom and happiness.

The process of being happier can happen in knowing one can walk away and not "keep trying" and "banging their head on that proverbial wall" anymore. Realize the expectations. Ever ACON in a long term no contact will be asking themselves "What will make me happy?" "What do I want?" Learning to be happy can be a new skill.