Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mean "Christians" Want People to Die in the Gutter

I'm having some faith struggles lately, well I know they originated when Aunt Scapegoat died and they have grown really problematic. Leaving the last church has gotten me thinking and questioning things about my own life as a Christian. It's hard to get into all the ins and outs, but even removing myself from Mrs. Curses last year, is part of this complex picture.

I've written on this blog before regarding my experiences in churches:

The Poor and Disabled in Church

Why People are Leaving Church

ACONS and Church

Well obviously I'm not fitting too well in the churches.

I got in a scary Facebook political argument the other day.

Really I should avoid such interactions but sometimes someone pisses me off so much, I can't help myself and I throw myself in the fray. I used to be worse and started avoided political arguments about a year ago but this one I didn't ignore. It ended up with an unfriending and a blocking.

In this conversation I was discussing things with a friend of a friend, she goes to an evangelical church. I didn't know her that well, but you know Facebook sometimes you will friend someone who is friends with someone else. I suppose we befriended each other, being "fellow Christians" and putting up memes of bible verses and more. In this case, she knows I was not an Obamacare supporter in that it cost too much for my household and I considered it too expensive for most with the middle-man insurance guys getting their cut. I support a single-payer system.

My problem is that now they are wickedly telling millions of people no more medical insurance  with NO OTHER OPTIONS, especially now since we have the evil party wanting to throw all the poor in the gutter.

Many people have been on edge because they know about Paul Ryan's attacks on Medicare and what they plan there. Let's just say some are wondering if they are even going to be able to stay alive. The Republican party is basically kicking people in the face now, letting their oppression of the poor they got planned be known and the orange faced man isn't even in office yet. Every disabled person I have talked to, is seriously frightened.

Anyhow in the political argument, I got the usual, "You gotta take personal responsiblity", "Taxation is theft" spiels, and this person told me she shouldn't have to pay for other people's health insurance and that people should get helped by the churches.

I said to her, "What church is going to have tens of thousands of dollars to pay someone's medical bills, this isn't 1850, some caretaking in bed and a swig of whiskey isn't going to cut it anymore." She didn't like that comment. 

Anyhow what scared me is this person actually believed someone like me should just go die instead of costing others money. She pretty much told me as such. How many voted for Trump going on about "muh taxes", as Trump told them it was the poor [mostly minorities in Trump's case] destroying the economy and costing them money. Mr. Billionaire got elected telling the working class and lower middle class to blame poor people as the "lazy dead-beats" raising their taxes, and they all fell for it. Hypercalvinism married to the prosperity gospel--[hey Paula White and pals poured money into the Trump campaign] got people who worship success and money to vote the guy in.

Hey I'd rather my husband did have a good job with good insurance but that kind of fell flat didn't it? I have realized in these people's world, they never have faced adversity and this notion of utter selfishness rules. In my anger, I said you follow more the gospel of Ayn Rand then the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She told me I needed to go repent. I then responded sarcastically, "I'm sorry the disabled are such a burden to you" and that was the end of conservation.

A lot of my old church members on Facebook are distancing themselves from me since I came out against their savior Trump.   If anyone has read this blog for long enough, I do have some conservative views, and some classically liberal ones too, I guess I'm someone whose going to mightily suffer in the "pick a side" or else politics of America. None of them seem to care that while they screamed and yelled about Hillary playing footsie with Goldman Sachs that Trump has now appointed FIVE people from Goldman Sachs. Talk about hypocrisy. None of them keep their views straight.

I have some friendly church members left, but I noticed all except one or two wanted to vote for him. You know when I think back on my church days, I knew in some ways I never fit in, I never had the secure economic foundation 99% of the rest had, nor the family life or the same world views. I wanted to be a good Christian but I often felt even as I attended my IFB churches even in the early years, there was some ways I never fit in.  This hatred for the poor gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. In the Bush years it was there too, and kind of something that then working class me would protest at times but did not realize yet the depth of it.  This conversation got kind of personal but I see the hateful attitudes in general out there and for people worse off then me. Even their gung-ho support to lock half the country up makes me sick.

I don't plan to lose my Christian faith because so many "Christians" suck so much. I was already an atheist for half my life prior, so if you want to reccommend Christopher Hitchen lectures, etc, I've already read them. Sure no one is perfect and there's lots of Christians who help the poor too but you know when people kind of scare you and you know they'd have no problem letting you die in a gutter and they cheer for a sociopath so eagerly it skeeves you out.

Friday, January 13, 2017

I'm on an old Vista Laptop

I got this one used a long time ago for a back up computer, just doing a test to see if this works.  Figuring out security certificate errors meant just making sure the date was right. I have to remind myself of that. LOL I have to get a new cord for my regular computer.

Optical Glass Sculptures

Good and Bad Childhoods

This video simplifies things, but makes clear the influence of narcissistic parenting. The foundation of being able to see yourself as a valuable person in a competitive world, laid in a good childhood can make a lot of difference in a life. I don't agree with warning everyone, keep that to the closest people. I like the picture where they show the grown up guy leading his little self out, basically saying, "you didn't deserve that."

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Don't Stay in School

Many young people are realizing they are not prepared for this world and the schools are falling down on the job. I always used to say even when I was a teacher, that students needed a practical living class, where they learned to write checks, how to do taxes, and do minor household repairs to either an apartment or home. They also needed to learn how hard it was to make a living and basic economic survival.

 Boyinaband forgot to include car repair. How much money could be saved if people knew basic car repair?  I wish me and my husband could take a class of automobile things we could fix without a lift. How about gardening? Practical skills have gone by the way side. Many like John Taylor Gatto have warned us the schools are set up the way they are to "keep" people ignorant. I also agree with him about the useless of forcing students to learn algebra and subjects they will never use. My years of learning algebra were useless. The high school classes for me that counted the most for use was 4 years of Spanish and Home Economics.

Monday, January 9, 2017

1200 a Month for a Bunk Bed?

Sadly millennials are being so exploited! $1200-1500 for a bunk bed? Is location worth that much? Some prisons have better set ups than this place. I wish some would open a recent history book, and figure out what life was like some yeas ago. Living this way is not normal. This by the way is far far more expensive then a European hostel. Think about it, this is 30,000 dollars for one month for just one room. Future as now slum lords couldn't be happier!

 I like some aspects of co-housing but not prison camps and bunk beds with no privacy that cost as more than a Motel 6 private room in my area. One guy wrote as a comment, "Congratulations America you're now Japan". It looks they have drank the Kool-Aid. At least at the Mao commune, housing was free, you just put your hours of labor in, now you pay a lot for your prison bunk! I like some ideas of co-housing and community living but THIS, it's something else.

Is The Obesity Epidemic Related To Impaired Lymphatic Systems?

These are two researchers I plan to study more . I asked this question in the older article...

"How much Severe Obesity is Actually Swollen with Fluids?

This may explain the large number of people where diets and more have failed. Lipedema stage IV is another severe problem but what if our food system is bringing too much toxicity and "blockage" to our lymph systems?